Translation – NMS info (09/12/2009)

Isto é uma tradução de um dos nossos antigos informes (de 9 do 12 de 2009 – escrito pelo Ti, membro do NMS), do português para o inglês. Meu inglês não é grande coisa, mas fiz mesmo assim. Desculpem os eventuais erros. Aproveitem… Para quem quiser ler o original em português, segue o link:

This is a translation of one of our past news (of 9, December, 2009 – wrote by Ti, NMS member), from portuguese to english. My english isnt a great thing, but i made it anyway. Sorry by the eventual mistakes. Enjoy… For those who want to read the original in portuguese, here is the link:

Is there in fact one or more groups, that the iner circles and well arrenged, are capable of manipulate secretly the ways of politic and global economy?

Everyone already hear about the Illuminatti Mith, that has a strong and mysterious hierarchy behind the strong hierarchy publicy known. There is some peoples that says, that the conspiracy theories are nothing less then theories, and that the mad and anarchists people are inclinable to believe that bullshits, but in otherway, will be more comum in that posture that one of the free men? Citizen of the world? The fortunated son of democracies? And hasnt be these “free men”, unavoidably, part of the small parcel with an economic success? Dont they already has intagrated one small parcel of privilegeds? Or better saing: Who is free at least?

If is there some script committed in hide evidences of OVNIS, the Big Foot, and Dirty Secrets of Big Corporations and the Androgen and Nefarious Sexuality of Celebrities, that is right and isnt really hard to break this intrigue to obtain “real” points about this evidences. But the NeoMithSofic question is how to interpret the metaphors presents in these symbols … meaning, inst really amazing that there is one pyramid in the one dollar note bank: the pyramid, meaning a sign of hierarchy, is the base that is substantiated all of capitalist liberalism; in that way, isnt really amazing too that there is one powerfull cupola determined to manipulate the collective reason of one or more nations, in meaning to preserve their power. Make ilusions and manipulate the people has been one ordinary and well success trick for a long time… But the ask that most make us intrigued is: Will be needful, to undo these illusionism, to observe it with more precision and accuracy? Or will be better simply ignore all the carnivalle? But isnt ignore what the most people have been doing despairingly? We of NMS have affliction of ignore the things… We prefer to be obsessed and conspiratorial than ignore some force that manipulate us.


Some examples of Secret Organizations in the Comics: Xeque mate; OMEC; S.H.A.D.O.W (DC Comics). S.H.I.E.L.D., B.L.A.D.E., A.R.M.O.R. (Marvel Comics), B.P.D.P (Dark Horse)…

Some examples of Secret Organizations of Non Fiction: Masonry, Templars, Order of Saint Dumas, Rose Cross Fraternity, AMORC, Hell Club (yes, it has exists outside of the comics of X-Men…)…

And for those who are disposed to discover how organizations really real, manipulates the common sense of reality, we recommend the exercise of search about the following themes:

– The appearance of the governments and the nations;

– The origin of the ONU and the OMC (and how both organizations are related), as well the appearance of the CIA, KGB, Scotland Yard, MOSSAD;

– What has been the THULE and the AHNENERBE?

& more

– “The Black Veil”, Michelle Balanger; and how the subculture of vampirism is related with the disappearance of the journalist Susan Walsh in New Jersey, 1996?

– How is related Grihori Rasputim and the Romanov familie?

By the end, to disentangle the liver of these oppressive search of manipulation, we recommend the song:

Batedores (Resistindo ao Arrastão Global) do Mundo Livre S/A.

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